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Re-registration winter semester 2022-23

Dear students

The re-registration period for the winter semester 2022-23 ended on August, 15th 2022. If you forget to re-register in time, you have a last chance to re-register for the winter semester 2022-23 till September, 15th, 2022 by paying an extra fee of 15€.

If you finish your degree program till september, 30th, 2022 please inform your local examination office.

News The application for leave of abscence is now to be find in "Formulare allgemein"

How to register for exams in HISQIS?

Login, please - only with HSA login details (as required for Moodle, SSC portal), User ID is not the email address!

*If there are problems when logging in to HISQIS Examinationportal, please email to our ticket system (support@hs-anhalt.de)indicating your student ID, username and degree program.


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