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Welcome to Examination Portal



Dear students


Did you forget to change your password before March 06, 2022 you account were deactivated. In order to get access again to your email and the IT service portals (HISQIS, moodle, SSC portal) email to support@hs-anhalt.de stating your student ID, faculty, degree program and username.

Since January 11th, 2021 there are important modifications relating to the realization of the teaching. For details click the following link:
Corona virus news for students.


+ Academic integrity declaration – Moodle electronic media examinations

+ Consent to changing exam type

+ Data protection declaration for online written Examinations

+ Important information on examinations

HINTS for current semester:

Individual appointments with SSC staff require prior arrangement by email. Please state the purpose of your request.

For questions and queries regarding the Examination Portal HISQIS use our contact form.

Login, please - only with HSA login details (as required for Moodle, email)

*If there are problems when logging in to HISQIS Examinationportal, please contact Ms. Steinmann (susanne.steinmann@hs-anhalt.de).


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